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The Wiser One


Two Friends were discussing the lottery draw one day...


"Did you buy either ticket last night?" said Fred

"Sort of" said his friend Mike

"You know you can't win if you don't play" said Fred, echoing the famous last words of the Lotto Corporation.

"Oh, but on the contrary my dear friend, I won $1000.00 on DEC 1"

"WOW!, shrieked Fred, I have never won that much and I play 5 numbers ($1 ea) three times A week"

"Well", said Mike, I put in $20.00 a week & a extra $5 a week in July and August when My fuel bill is lower, but None in December month"

"Have you won before?", asked Fred in anticipation.

"Oh Yes, Mike proudly said, I win a thousand bucks every December"

"Yeal right, said Fred, What kind of lottery is that?"

"The kind the lottery people don't like, exclaimed Mike, MY PIGGY BANK"

$20 a week X 48 weeks + $40 = $1000.00

Go Figure My Friend, It's a sure winner.